Slice Of Saturday Night, A

Show Dates: - 17/02/2022

Director: Duncan Whiting

Choreographer: Duncan Whiting

Venue: Lakings Road

Musical Director: Con O'Brien


  • Terry Dillon
  • Katie Ellena
  • Chris Hill

  • David Ballinger
  • Darrin Jones

Production Manager

  • Michelle Jennison

Stage Manager

  • Ross Erikson

Set Construction Team

  • Ross Erikson
  • Nathan Lihou

Set Painting

  • Ross Erikson

Lighting Manager

  • Hamish Speden

Wardrobe Manager

  • Noah Dawson

Wardrobe Team

  • Sue Tapp

Properties Manager

  • Noah Dawson

Makeup Manager

  • Linda McKinley

Marketing Manager

  • Michelle Jennison

Marketing Team

  • Graham Brooks
  • Cynthia Brooks

Front of House Manager

  • Ken Hosken

Wait Staff

  • Angela Enright