About Us

Blenheim Musical Theatre is a member of Musical Theatre New Zealand.

The organisation was established in 1918 and constituted in 1922 under the name of Blenheim Amateur Operatic Society and operates as a non-profit organisation. In April 2006 the name was changed to Blenheim Musical Theatre to better reflect our style of musical productions.

Our objectives are to promote and foster the study, production and performance of musical theatre in the Marlborough community.

We demonstrate this by staging big and small musical theatre productions, hold educational workshops, and facilitate the hire of our property and equipment for public use.

For many years we have been successful in staging a variety of high quality musicals to the community thanks to our wonderfully creative teams both on and off stage.

BMT Mission Statement
Blenheim Musical Theatre aims to promote and foster the study, production and performance of musical theatre by providing a platform for local performers, technicians, designers, directors and other key personnel to become actively involved in the world of musical theatre. We invite members with a keen interest in theatre and the arts to participate in all aspects of theatre production and performance to the benefit of our local community.

Life Members

Elaine Blair*, Robin Boyce, Graham Brooks*, Terence Burtenshaw*, Patricia Burtenshaw*, Jo Healy*, Linda McKinley*, Dave Mullon*, Con O’Brien, Neville Patchett, Viv Patchett, Heather-Anne Ritchie, Robin Sutherland*, Bob Tapp*, Sue Tapp*, David Waters, Maureen Waters, Sheryl Whiting*

*Recipients of Musical Theatre New Zealand Merit Award

Associate Life Members

Kathy Moseley, Kevin Moseley


BMT Constitution
BMT Anti-Harrassment and Anti-Bullying Guidelines