The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Show Dates: 11/11/2016 - 26/11/2016

Director: Jeannie Mark

Choreographer: Jeannie Mark

Venue: 81a Lakings Rd, Blenheim

Vocal Director: Danica Manson


  • Dave Barrett
  • Logan Croad
  • Sosaia Mesui
  • William Rayner
  • Gavin Stead
  • Shiloh Walsh

Production Manager

  • Alison French

Production Secretary

  • Robin Sutherland

Stage Manager

  • Alana Cairns

Set Construction Manager

  • Lloyd Bush

Technical Manager

  • Alana Cairns

Lighting Manager

  • Duncan Whiting
  • Joshua Wright

Lighting Team

  • Alana Cairns

Sound Manager

  • Chris Holdaway

Sound Team

  • Chris Holdaway
  • Jeannie Mark

Wardrobe Manager

  • Viv Patchett

Marketing Manager

  • Steve Mason

Graphic Design

  • Kerie Smith

Front of House Manager

  • Elaine Blair

Bar Manager

  • Tony Stone

Kitchen Staff Manager

  • Alison French
  • Viv Patchett

Wait Staff Manager

  • Angela Enright

Table Setting Manager

  • Philippa Hyndman