Man Of La Mancha

Show Dates: - 01/08/0001

Director: Duncan Whiting

Choreographer: Jeannie Mark

Venue: Lakings Road

Musical Director: Nick Elton


  • Phil De Voil
  • Robin Sutherland

Flamenco Dancer

  • Lisa Taylor

  • Jacqui Baddock

Production Manager

  • Jo Healy

Stage Manager

  • Phil Webster

Stage Crew

  • Bob Tapp

Lighting Manager

  • David Nicolson

Wardrobe Manager

  • Sue Tapp

Properties Manager

  • Beth Wicknam

Makeup Manager

  • Marianne Smith

Marketing Team

  • David Mercier

Front of House Manager

  • Jennifer Jones

Cast Suppers Team

  • Cath Smith

Dinner Manager

  • Frank Tuckerman