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The Arcadians

05 Oct 1953 to 10 Oct 1953

His Majesty’s Theatre

Creative Team

Artistic Director – Frona King
Musical Director – W.g. Horrocks
Choreographer – Barbara Dix, Betty Vercoe


Jack Meadows – Terence Burtenshaw
James Smith – Peter Wye
Peter Doody – Ron Brittenden
Bobbie – Robert Spencer
Sir George Paddock – Grant Howey
Percy Marsh – Laurie McMurtry
Reggie – Ted McMurtry
Harry Desmond – Graham Edwards
Time – John Ford
Mrs Smith – Betty Hoar
Lady Barclay – Sylvia Brittenden
Lady Jim – Nancy Bothwell
Lady M – Noami Kilpatrick
Eileen Cavanaugh – Leslie Wye
Chrysaea – Kathleen Hughes
Amaryllis – Peggy Thomas
Daphne – Eris Webster
Dryope – Elaine Sullivan
Astrophel – John Humphrey
Strephon – Graeme Dowling
Damosto – Graham Christiansen
Sombra – Marie Gleeson
Chorus – Anne Sadgroves, Anne Swain, Annette Harrison, Barbara Dilloway, Beth Jellyman, Betty Darling, Betty McNeil, Bill Bateman, Bryan Hodges, Diane Murray, Don Sheridan, Fay Robertson, G L McClymont, Gerry Gamble, Grace Fearn, Jean May, Joan Perryman, John Elley, John Horrox, Josephine Matthews, Joy Sheridan, Judeen Fowler, Kathleen Ewart, Lottie Mills, Marie Dent, Nancy Thompson, Pauline Boyce, Peter Stephens, Ray March, Shirley Hebberd, Stan McIsaac, Stella Nicolson, Tom Woodward
Company – Ailsa McFarlane, B Kingdon, Joy Murphy, Patrica Hall, Shirley Poidevin, Toni March


A Hind, C Forbes, D Farrell, Dave Beaumont, Howard Mills, L Bansgrove, L Ogle, M Robinson, Ron Hoar, Vern Gamble

Production Team

Stage Manager – Don Kilpatrick
Publicity – G L McClymont
Stage Crew – Adrian Bishell, Allan Aberhart, Bruce Harper, Bruce Mouloughney, Dorelle Ham, F.g. Platt, Keith Bigham, Kevin Aberhart, Les Aberhart, Les Sidaway, Lloyd Jowers, Peter Matthews, Ray Houlston, Tom Jellyman, Vince Broughan
Wardrobe Manager – H.H.C Neal
Makeup Director – F.A. Wedde, J.G. Bacon
Makeup Assistant – F.G. Platt, H.h.c Neal, J Morey, Merv Wisheart, R Bacon, R.H. Jellyman
House Manager – G Cole
Call – A Dollar, B Briden
Prompt – M Trail
Programme – G L McClymont
Electrician – R.G. Musson

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Blenheim 7240
Premises: 03 578-4110
After Hours: 03 579-4122
Secretary: 021 142-5736

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