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14 Oct 1968 to 19 Oct 1968

His Majesty’s Theatre

Aristide and Pistache The Chorus Theophile, Model, Etienne Hilaire, Claudine, Boris Celestine, Gabrielle, Marie and Judge Paul Barriere

Creative Team

Artistic Director – Colleen Walling
Musical Director – Max Noad
Choreographer – Betty Campbell


Judge Aristide Forestiere – Terence Burtenshaw
Baliff – Peter Wye
Judge Paul Barriere – A.H.W (Bert) Ham
Court President – John Wentworth
Gabrielle – Helen Brunsell
Marie – Barbara Hutchinson
Celestine – Judy La Barge
Claudine – Janice Satherley
Policeman – Peter Anderson, Rex Brown
Hilaire Jussac – Robin Sutherland
Boris Adzinidzinadze – John Peterson
Waiter – Ken Muscroft-taylor
La Mome Pistache – Val Dredge
Hercule – Merv Wisheart
Theophile – Ian Dredge
Etienne – Blair Hine
Tabac Waiter – Tony Chandler
Monarchist – Ray Alexander
Nun – Lorraine Sadd
Mimi – Prue Matthews
Second – Lester Dunkinson
Turnkey – Graeme Holland
Model – Linda Conway
Chorus – Alan Irvin, Anne Batty, Arthur Pillans, Bernadette Maher, Bernice Sutherland, Bob Tapp, Cheryl Tucker, Christine Whiteman, Dick Tucker, Elaine Forrest, Elizabeth Toms, Gail Webb, Geddes Campbell, Heather Murchison, Henny Vervaart, Ian Light, Jackie Weston, Jeanette Tapp, Jim Campbell, Jo Hodson, John Gibbs, Judith Marshall, Julie Gibson, Keith Pask, Linda Greer, Lorraine Sadd, Lyndie Flood, Lynne Stagg, Margaret Coleman, Marydell Cox, Maureen Rose, Pam Young, Patrica Chapman, Peter Wells, Phillipa Giles, Rae Steele, Sam Young, Sheryl Whiting, Shirley Chapman, Sue McKay, Sue Tapp, Yvonne Forrest
Company – Alan Irvin, Alyson Ballentine, Arthur Pillans, Diane Blennerhasset, Dianne Cooper, John Gibbs, Julie Roughan, Keith Pask, Phillipa Neal, Sue Martin


A Beverley, Arthur Powell, B Patchett, D Deans, Dave Beaumont, E Robinson, George Simpson, H.A. Brett, Howard Mills, M Gregg, M.r. Darby, Norma Aitken, P Holdaway, R Sutherland, Roy Henry, S Holdaway, W Mitchell

Production Team

Stage Manager – Roger Hutchinson
Asst Stage Manager – Ken Yealands
Stage Crew – Bert Ham, Dick Tucker, Lawrence Brehaut, Lester Dunkinson
Flydeck Crew – Bobby Bothwell, Keith Aberhart, Ray Todd
Flydeck Manager – Les Aberhart
Lighting Director – Don Crooks
Lighting Crew – Beverley Butt, John Upchurch, Paul James, Stan McIsaac
Wardrobe Assistant – Evelyn Wentworth, Josephine Burtenshaw, Kate Tomlinson, Leslie Wye, Pat Shearer, Wendy Inder
Properties Director – Barbara Fleming
Properties Assistant – Betty Williams, Ian Fleming
Makeup Director – Eunice Neal
Makeup Assistant – Beverley Butt, Chris Watson, Dennis Wright, Joy Mcmath, Margaret Kendrick, Ngaire Sidaway, Nola Healy, Trevor Harle
Company Suppers – Beth Light, Lois Gibson, Stephenie Peterson

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Secretary: 021 142-5736

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