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Blood Brothers

13 – 23 May 2009
Floorpride Marlborough Civic Theatre

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Creative Team

Artistic Director – Bryan Aitken
Musical Director – Kevin Moseley
Vocal Coach – Con O’Brien
Production Manager – Kelly Webster


Mickey – Kristian Lavercombe
Mrs Johnstone – Heather-Anne Ritchie
Narrator – Geoffrey Anderson
Edward Lyons – Ashley de Castro
Mrs Lyons - Jody Hughes
Mr Lyons and Company – Andrew Ritchie
Sammy and Company- Blair Lawrence
Linda – Bridget McNamara
Donna Marie and Company - Lauren Haward
Company – Simon Moore, Tina Rayner, Darren Simpson, Alison Bond, Mele Tuita


Conductor – Kevin Moseley
Keyboard – Kathy Moseley
Keyboard 2 – Shirley Marfell
Keyboard 3 – Cherry Taylor
Guitar - Glen Mackie
Guitar - Tony Buch
Bass Guitar – Andy Fairhall
Saxaphone – Libby Johns
Percussion & Drums – Liam Stoneley
Trumpet & Fugelhorn - Robin Randall
Drums – Aimee Beaumont
Percussion - Matthew Patchett

Production Team

Rehearsal Pianists – Alison French, Cherry Taylor
Stage Manager – Alasdair Cook
Stage Director - Alana Cairns
Publicity – Chris Holdaway assisted by Kerie Smith
Scenic Artist – Gileen Caughey
Stage & Set Crew – Blue Blick, Robin Boyce, Bob Tapp, Jim Ward
Lighting Design - Paul Towson
Lighting Programmer – Jeremy Falconer
Sound Design – Mark Templeton and Jeremy Falconer
Technical Crew – Mark Templeton, Jeremy Falconer Henry Barnett, David Bright, Bruce Tyler, Andrew Gray, Scott Morgan, Ethan Ward
Wardrobe – Sharon Smith assisted by Jo Healy, Lynne Morris, Kelsey Smith, Sue Tapp
Properties – Viv Patchett assisted by Sheryl Blick, Neville Patchett
Makeup – Linda Cowan assisted by Margaret Beban, Josie Broadbent, Janet Eaton, Kay Houlker, Pam Scott-Gale
Wigs – Wanda Doocey
Programme Designer – Megan Boreham from Eyecatcher Designs
Programme Content – Debbie Cox, Kerie Smith, Bryan Aitken
Photography – Graham H. Brooks
Production Secretary – Tina Rayner
Front of House – Debbie Cox, Michael Cox, Billy Rayner
Rehearsal Prompts – Sandra Cowan, Jono Leach
Cast Suppers – Elaine Blair and friends of BMT

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Blenheim Musical Theatre Inc.
PO Box 383
Blenheim 7240
Premises: 03 578-4110
After Hours: 03 579-4122
Secretary: 021 142-5736

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